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World's Oldest Known Drug Mule Gets Caught

The Mules Story Leo Sharp is 90-year old World War II veteran who has, up until recently, been known for being awarded a bronze star for his service to the county, and for contributing to his community by planting over 5,000 of his prize-winning daylilies. So naturally, given Sharpe's...   Read more

Alcohol and Marijuana: Which is More Dangerous?

The discourse about the dangers of drugs in the United States, particularly social drugs such as alcohol and marijuana, which can easily become very dangerous when abused, is ongoing and remains unresolved. There are many studies that strongly favor one substance over the other, but in a    Read more

How to Avoid a DUI and the Matryoshka Effect

Avoiding a DUI may seem easy enough to do. Unfortunately, for many partygoers getting a DUI is an unfortunate, yet inevitable, way to end the...   Read more

Is the Growing Popularity of Heroin Contributing to a Growing Need to Legalize Marijuana?

According to an article posted on February 11th by, legalizing "cannabis offers an affordable hope to kick heroin." The article makes its claim by drawing attention to the...   Read more

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