How to Avoid a DUI and the Matryoshka Effect

Avoiding a DUI may seem easy enough to do. Unfortunately, for many partygoers getting a DUI is an unfortunate, yet inevitable, way to end the evening after a party, particularly on holidays like New Year's Eve when highway patrol is out in full force. Obvious remedies may come to mind, like hiring a taxi or private car to take you home, or having a designated driver. What you may fail to take into consideration, and what may get you into trouble, is overestimating your own sobriety or the sobriety of your designated driver. Hiring transportation is the safest route to avoiding a DUI, but in the event that you opt to rely on a designated driver, try to avoid the matryoshka effect- having one incident continually unraveling inside of the other.

Avoid a DUI and drunk driving accidents
Drunk Driving Accident Photo By Bob and Renee

Driving Under The Influence and the Resulting Poor Judgement

For one police station in Readington Township, New Jersey, DUI offenders were handed to them like matryoshka dolls- also known as nesting or stacking dolls. According to a recent article from New York Post, three friends were given DUI's all at different times within the same day. The story begins with Carmen Reategui, a 34-year-old who was pulled over for driving under the influence. Like all busted drunken motorist she was taken down to the station where she called a friend, Nina Petracca, 23, to pick her up. Petracca, as it turned out, was also drunk. After failing to pass a sobriety test, Petracca was also charged with a DUI.

The two friends then contacted another friend to come to their aid. That friend was Ryan Hogan, who was also intoxicated. He too was administered a sobriety test, which he failed too pass, and he too was given a DUI. The three intoxicated friends were finally able to get a hold of a sober adult who was able to pick them up.

If you are charged with a DUI and need someone to pick you up from the station, make sure that the person you call to come and get you was not at the party that you were just leaving, since chances are that they too will still have alcohol in their system. Needless to say, if your friend is taken in for drunk driving, do not pick them up at the station if you have also been drinking, even if you think that you are sober.

What to do After Being Charged with a DUI

If you have been charged with a DUI, the offense stays on your criminal record until you have the DUI expunged. Expunging the DUI from your criminal record may allow you to pass most criminal background checks for employment and housing, and will allow you to legally say that you were not convicted of a DUI.

When preparing to expunge your DUI, you should consider hiring an experienced expungement attorney to represent you. The right attorney will be able to file your petition for expungement with the court, conduct case research, properly submit court documents, and represent you in court. We recommend considering a firm that specializes in record expungement, such as to represent your DUI expungement.

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