Sealing a Drug Charge for Immigrants

Having your drug charge removed from your record may help you during the immigration process. In order to obtain citizenship, you must display at least five years of good moral character, meaning that you must have a clear criminal record. Any infractions against you may significantly hinder your chances of becoming a citizen in the United States. By removing the drug offense from your record, you are showing the courts that you are dedicated to being a law abiding citizen and that you respect all laws, which makes you a more attractive candidate during the immigration process.

Having a clean record is particularly important for those who are trying to gain residency. The immigration policy that was implemented in 1990 holds that there is a limit to how many people can immigrate to the United States per year from each country. You do not want to limit your chances of being eligible for residency by having a drug record, which, in some instances, may even be grounds to have you deported. Immigration is already a difficult process without adding the complications of having a drug offense on your record. To figure out how to continue you can read our guide on how to expunge a drug charge.

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