Benefits of Expunging a Drug Record

Many industries will not employ former drug offenders. If you aspire to work with children, in medicine, or as a public officer, having a drug record will greatly hinder your chances of finding gainful employment. Generally, each applicant is evaluated individually, taking into consideration the details of your drug conviction and charge. There are, however, many places that will not accept applications from individuals who have an offense on their record, particularly a drug charge. For instance, applications for the Board of Registered Nursing states that it is an objective to "achieve a drug-free work place" and that "the use of illegal drugs is against state and federal laws, rules governing civil services and violates the special trust placed in public servants. Applicants for state employment are expected to be drug-free." 1

While you may have remained clean and sober since your conviction, and have attended Narcotics Anonymous and/or Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, getting your drug record cleared is the best way to show future employers and landlords that you have dedicated yourself to living a clean and healthy lifestyle. By clearing your drug record, you may even be able to have your offense removed from certain background checks for employment and housing, which may further your chances of getting a career in your desired field. To learn more, check our free expungement resources or our article database .